Tenants & Landlord Pest Control Responsibilities

Tenant’s area of responsibility:

Report incidents of pests in rental unit immediately to ensure early intervention efforts can happen; if a pest control treatment is necessary early notification is key to successfully eliminating pests before they get out of control. Tenant cooperation with ensuring certain protocols are followed before, during and after pest control treatments is critical to ensuring successfully elimination of pests.

Responsibilities of Tenants:

• Read and follow all advice and instructions to support the IPM program implemented by the building management even if you do not have an infestation of bed bugs.

• Report bed bugs and keep records of bed bug or other pest complaints in a log book and provide this information to the building management.

• Know the signs of bed bugs and check your living space frequently for evidence of them.

• Encourage discussion with neighbouring tenants to support the IPM program in place and cooperate with management.

Landlord’s area of responsibility:

Ensure all reports of pests within rental units are followed up promptly, with a plan in place outlining the necessary steps that must be taken steps to ensure a rental unit is free of pests. Coordination and cost of pest control is the landlord’s responsibility.

Managing a bed bug infestation in apartment buildings, hotels, hostels, dormitories, hospitals, long-term care homes etc., can be very challenging. Each party has a certain responsibility for an IPM program to be effective. Responsibilities of Landlords, Building Management and Staff:

• Institute an IPM program, with emphasis on awareness and prevention.

• Consider requesting that new tenants report that they are moving from a bed bug infested premises* .

• Consider acknowledging to potential tenants before leasing units that bed bugs have been identified in the building and an IPM program is in place*.

• Encourage tenants or guests to report bed bugs and keep records of bed bug or other pest complaints on site in a log book.

• Respond quickly to all complaints.

• Refer tenants and guests to the appropriate support agencies (e.g. medical, mental health, financial, and social services) for help if necessary.

• Obtain the services of a licensed pest management company with experience in managing bed bugs using IPM principles. Request tenants follow instructions from the pest management company