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The presence of mice can be determined from evidence such as: droppings, footprints and tail streaks on dusty surfaces; gnawing on structural or stored material; gnawing and scurrying sounds in walls and ceilings; nests of fine shredded fibrous materials; and, of course, visual sightings of the best.

Mice Control

Much of a mouse problem can be eliminated with good sanitation practices. Clean up any spilled crumbs of food and keep food and stored clothes or bedding in mouse-proof containers. Rubbish piles should be cleaned and weeds and long grass outdoors near buildings should be removed.

  • Our mice control procedure includes the investigation of mice entry points getting into your home or commercial spaces;

  • Set up mice control stations in strategic locations base on technician's investigation of mice activity.

  • Give you a recommendations based on the licensed technician's finding to prevent future mice activity in your home.

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