Deer Mouse & Hantavirus

deer mouse and hantavirus


The deer mouse is the primary carrier of the specific Hantavirus which cause HPS or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This mouse can be found in the same locations as rats and house mice. Infected rodents will not show symptoms of the disease, but they shed the virus in saliva, urine and feces.

There is a high possibility of death for people infected with the Hantavirus. People working or living in areas infested with rats or mice, should be aware of the hazards of contacting this disease and take safety precautions.

HPS is a respiratory disease which begins with one or more symptoms similar to those of the covid-19 virus or flu. These symptoms include fever, severe muscle aches, headache, cough, nausea, diarrhea and feeling tired. The first symptoms appear from 1-6 weeks after contact with the virus. A person who develop a respiratory illness within 45 days of the last potential exposure to the virus should immediately seek medical attention.

A person may get HPS by inhaling airborne particles of urine, droppings or saliva from infected rodents, their nests or droppings and the touching the person's nose, mouth or eyes. Mice infestation is a no joke which cannot be neglected and has to take action to resolve the mice problem. Call your local pest control company if you're seeing a mice activity in your home or workplace.