Cockroach Infestation, How They Spread?

cockroach egg

Cockroach infestation is a headache for a residential condominium because, they spread and multiply so fast within few weeks. The infestation happens when the startup or first stage of contamination is neglected because the tenant might not reported earlier the situation until the population is in the uncontrollable stage before it was properly treated by pest control professionals.

When the infestation of cockroach is already spread from unit to unit, then it is highly recommended to place the reported infected units and the perimeter units into a cockroach monitoring program until it is confirmed clear.

The monitoring program is a monthly or bi-weekly inspections of the treated units and the perimeter units or the entire building.

Treatment of all the units in a building without a proper monitoring program is a waste of time and money for residential rental owners. Units that don’t have signs is not supposed to be fully treated unless it shows a signs of cockroach activity.

Cockroach full treatment price is a full treatment price which has a big difference in a monitoring or inspection price. Placing a unit that has no cockroach activity into full treatment is against the rules of a thumb of what we call Integrated Pest Management. It is like firing a bullet to a blind spot which no enemies.

Proper monitoring with proper treatment, the lesser resistance of the insects to the chemical used for the treatment and the most important is the cooperation of the tenant to keep their place in good sanitation which plays an important role in Integrated Pest Management.

If the the sanitation level of the rental unit is poor, then the management should take immediate action to correct it.

Reporting a unit that has a poor sanitation level is another issue which will be discussed in other article to learn why it is important in rental units.

Solving a cockroach problem is not an overnight solution. It is supposedly a continuous monitoring and not a onetime or 2nd treatment then forget it until a new reported infestation then treatment again then forget it.

If your building is under a monthly program for mice control why not putting it into a program for cockroach regular monitoring and inspection? specially the multi rental unit buildings.

Don’t wait that the cockroach claimed and took over all the inside walls of your building, because when this happens, then expect cockroach sightings will never end.