House Sparrows

House Sparrows
Bird Barrier

Why Do I Have A House Sparrow Problem?

House sparrows are the number two urban pest bird, second only to pigeons. They don’t have many natural enemies and are very adaptive, learning to nest in urban structures, eat urban scraps and they have a large breeding capacity. They like to eat seeds and grains as well as fruits, vegetables, human table scraps and insects. They are boisterous, intelligent birds who roost in noisy flocks on branches of city trees, ivy covered walls and under eaves, exhause vents of houses.

But most common problem is the nesting inside the exhauset vent like shown in the picture. To prevent this birds nesting inside exhaust, it has to be a barrier.

Making sure that your exhaust is working well, it has to be inspected and make sure that there is no nest. Basket bird barrier helps protect the vents from birds like sparrows building a nest inside to it.

IPeM Integrated Pest & Environmental Management offers the nest removal and installation if bird barrier at a reasonable price.