Cockroach Control Calgary

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches is a growing problem in residential rental units not only here in Alberta but throughout Canada.

Our cockroach control program procedures includes proper identification of the reported bugs to make sure it is cockroach and not a some kind of insects. Identifying cockroach through inspection or by collecting samples or providing us a picture which you can email it to us. Please refer to topics below on how to prevent cockroach in your home or business.

Once the cockroach is identified, we will send you a cockroach control preparation guidelines. Then get an appointment with us to schedule the treatment. Make sure to read and follow the preparation guidelines carefully before the treatment schedule.

After the treatment, we will monitor you home or business to assure the success and take back your peace of mind from the stress cause by the cockroach.

The number of treatment is depends on the level of infestation of the unit or property and may base on the recommendation of the licensed pest control specialist.

Cockroaches feed on all types of organic materials including foodstuffs, paper, wood, soap, glue in book bindings, cloth, plants, hair, garbage, sewage and even insulation on electrical wiring. The are carriers of salmonella bacteria that cause foo poisoning and carriers of other disease organisms. The also leave an undesirable odor on materials they contact and may cause allergic reactions for some people. Most common type of cockroach that are seen in Alberta are the German and Brown banded cockroaches.

As with any insect problem, it is important to observe good housekeeping practices like proper storage of food; proper storage of garbage, particularly kitchen waste; Screening vent, ducts, and windows; reduced access to water sources; ensuring kitchen area is cleaned regularly to eliminate food sources such as crumbs, grease and other food debris on the floor particularly under the sink, under the stove and under the fridge.

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One female German cockroach can produce four to eight capsules in her lifetime. The egg capsule about 0.6 cm long, containing 20-40 eggs, is carried partially within the female until the nymphs are ready to hatch. Brown banded cockroach egg capsule containing up to 18 eggs and American cockroach egg capsule containing up to 16 eggs.

German cockroach can produce two to four generations per year, the brown banded is two generations per year and the American cockroach can live up to 400 days.

When you plan for a treatment by a professional pest exterminator, it is very important to keep in mind that the PREPARATION GUIDELINE for cockroach treatment has to be followed. The treatment may take multiple times depends on the rate of infestation if it has a low or heavy activity before the treatment was done.

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