Bed Bug Control Calgary

Bed bugs is a growing problem in rental units not only here in Alberta but throughout Canada.

Our bed bug control program procedures includes proper identification of the reported bugs to make sure it is bed bug. Identifying bedbug through inspection or by collecting samples or providing us a picture which you can email it to us. Please refer to topics below on how to inspect bed bug and few tips on how to prevent bed bug.

Once the bed bug is identified, we will send you a bed bug preparation guidelines . Then get an appointment with us to schedule the treatment. Make sure to read and follow the preparation guidelines carefully before the treatment schedule.

After the treatment, we will monitor the treated area to assure the success and take back your peace of mind and a bug free home.

The number of treatment is depends on the level of infestation of the unit or property and may base on the recommendation of the licensed pest control specialist.

The Traditional Chemical Treatment For Bed Bugs.

The ideal bed bug treatment for rental units are still the use of less toxic chemicals that are approved by the Health Department and Department of Environment of Canada. Because, they carry a residual effects to the incoming bugs incase a new arrived bed bugs that will attempt to hide in the baseboards, cracks and crevices which is the most common breeding ground and runway to other areas of the property. The use of commercial pesticides is required to have a chemical applicator license approved by the designated provinces before a pest control company is allowed to buy and use the chemicals for bed bug treatment for a proper used. So it is not to worry when a licensed pest control technician will do the bed bug treatment as long as you follow the PREPARATION GUIDELINES sent by the pest control company like the RE-ENTRY TIME after the treatment. Every chemicals that are used by the applicators has its own re-entry time, meaning it is safe to enter in a unit after the end time of the application. That's why it is very important to follow the guidelines not just because it is required by the law but for the safety for everyone that is according to the instruction of the label of the chemical used by the applicator.

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